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Yogi the Bengal is an adventure cat from Boston, Massachusetts. You may have met him exploring a nature reserve or conservation area or perhaps out in the city. The people we meet have many questions about Yogi, his breed and habits, and, most importantly, him. We created to answer those questions and to give you a glimpse into his life.

adventure cat

Can you believe the US pet industry is estimated to be 99 Billion dollars for 2020? It’s beautiful to witness pets going from being personal possessions to family members. Many of you reading this article will agree the four-legged one(s) in your household are part of your family. From pet resorts to acupuncture, there’s nothing we will not do for our furry family members. We will review the product we use to help others in the cat community decide before they buy. Who is better than a Bengal to field test cat gear?

Yogi Field testing product

Life is a learning experience, especially with a Bengal cat, and we will share the things we discover along the way. From tips on weighing your cat or creating one of Yogi’s favorite DIY toys, we have you covered. Yogi hopes to serve as an advocate to take your cat outside and explore the world. We sincerely hope you enjoy our site and the information we provide.

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