Best Cat backpack review

The Navigator Cat Backpack by Travel Cat review

For those new to the adventure cat world, choosing the best cat backpack in the plethora of options is not easy. If not days or weeks, one can spend hours googling the possibilities, looking for the product that meets their cat’s safety needs, while addressing their comfort and storage concerns. I found that many of the options online look similar, the pictures of the products do not show where you want to see, and some of the product reviews on Amazon are more than questionable.

When I searched for Yogi’s cat backpack, his safety and security were primary concerns because he has unzipped and escaped from his other carrier. I also wanted to find a product with an adjustable chest, and waist straps to alleviate stress while in use because I have back pain like the other 80% of the population will experience in their lifetime. Storage is paramount when taking Yogi on his adventures; We needed a place for water, bowls, and bags to remove his waste, nevermind my keys, sunglasses, and most importantly, for long excursion, a pet first aid kit. The cat backpack also needed to be high quality to last and be worth the investment while addressing our primary requirements.

Best Cat backpack review

“The Navigator” Convertible Cat Backpack by Travel Cat was the solution we found for our adventure cat needs. It’s large with three mesh sides and a mesh top, allowing good visibility and ventilation for Yogi while keeping him secure with zipper clips. The Navigator’s lid and front-side open, and there are two bungee cords with clasps to attach to his harness when we are at a store or out eating at a restaurant patio. The thoughtful merchant considered previous customers’ feedback while designing this product, and it shows with its attention to detail.

The features include:

  • Holds up to 25 lbs of cat(s) 
  • Water bladder pocket 
  • Zippered pocket with three inside pockets and key hook
  • Two Flexible side pockets for water bottles and supplies
  • Two clips inside to attach harnesses or leashes 
  • Adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps
  • Zipper clips on all zippers (No more Houdini)
  • Can be used as a backpack or “traditional” carrier
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Removable mat folds to fit both ways
  • It folds up for easy storage

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15 x 11.4 x 17.7 IN (38 x 29 x 45 CM)
  • Weight: ~ 2lbs (0.9kg)

Price: $149.99

I am pleased with the security level the Navigator delivers, Yogi can not escape with the zipper clips engaged, and the buggies are secure, and he has not broken them. If you have researched cat backpacks, you might have noted those without zipper clips, or perhaps read about the cheaper cat backpacks whose bungees have snapped in use. The Navigator provides a safe retreat for Yogi during our adventures, or if he becomes lazy during a hike, and he uses it as a napping cave during long car rides. The removable mat servers as a scent soaker as a bonus.

The Navigator is well-made and is comfortable wearing with or without Yogi in it. However, it is comfier using the adjustable chest and waist straps, even when wearing it forward, which I usually do when Yogi is in it, and when carrying him in a store. All of the zippers and zipper clips are high-quality and work well throughout the backpack. The shoulder straps and the Navigator’s back are padded, and I have not experienced any discomfort while hiking with it for a couple of hours, and the weight distributes well across all of the straps while in use.

The Navigator Cat Backpack by Travel Cat side view

The water bladder storage pocket is enormous, and the two elastic side pockets can easily hold 24-ounce bottles, but would they would not fit a 32-ounce insulated water bottle. I prefer using the side pockets to carry Yogi’s treats and training clicker. The zipped side pocket is large, includes a key clip, and has three pockets inside, one large and the other two are smaller, and you can easily use the area in front of them. We use them to carry keys, sunglasses, water bowl, and waste bags, with plenty of space leftover.

Yogi the Bengal endorsed gear The Navigator Cat Backpack

We have been using the Navigator by Travel Cat daily for a little over one month, and we are delighted with our purchase. It’s holding up well during 50+ miles of Bengal field testing; Yogi has bitten it, clawed it, gnawed it, and still has not broken through. It allowed us to take Yogi safely into the city, the public gardens, shopping at pet-friendly stores, and out for dinner at our favorite restaurant. The Navigator is comfortable to wear, does not hurt my back, and provides a safe and secure way to take Yogi on his adventures to conservation areas and public reserves.

Yogi the Bengal in Boston Public Garden

The Navigator is perfect for someone with an adventure cat or those searching for a better option than the standard carrier; it’s handy for everything from trips to the veterinarian, car rides, or a local trail. It provides excellent visibility and airflow for your cat and delivers the comfort and security you seek. It’s ideal for those who use public transportation; we can not think of a safer way for kitty to travel. It may be pricy for some, but in my opinion, it’s money well spent. The last thing I want is to lose Yogi because I bought an inferior product.

The Navigator Cat Backpack by Travel Cat review by Yogi the Bengal

Yogi the Bengal endorse The Navigator by Travel Cat as the best cat backpack paws down. It’s high quality, well thought out, and addresses all of our adventure cat requirements. We have never questioned his safety or security while using it. It’s a must-have for anyone in the cat explorer community, and there’s no better way to take your cat outside. If you are as fond of The Navigator by Travel Cat as us, you can save on your purchase using our Pawffiliate code located on the Yogi The Bengal Instagram page.

The Navigator by Travel Cat is our first product review. Please let us know what you think. Life is about optimizing and maximizing your experience. If there’s something we can do better, please let us know in your comments.

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  1. Thank you for such a thorough review! I’ve been searching everywhere for a big enough and sturdy backpack. Your review is so helpful.

    Curious, how many inches long and wide is your cat? Trying to figure out size comparison and pounds is helpful still trying to figure out if he’ll fit. I know cats can get pretty small when curled up but ours is still sizable – curled up still bigger than the bag at maybe 16 in x 15in.

    Thanks again!

    1. Post

      Hi Brittany,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yogi is a good size now at 18-pounds and is long; he has not had any issues in the Navigator.

      Thank you,

      Yogi’s Dad

  2. Thank you so much for your review -as you wrote I have been googling and searching the Internet before deciding and you pointed out important things I didn’t even consider.

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  3. Thank you for the extremely comprehensive review. I found it extremely helpful as I try to navigate all the backpack choices for my latest cat additions. I appreciate the details and clarity of your comments — and your photos.

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