About Yogi the Bengal

Baby Yogi

Hi, I'm Yogi, a silver spotted Bengal cat, and I was born on May 8, 2020. My human family acquired me from Wonderland Bengals in Henniker, New Hampshire.  I arrived at my forever home on July 23, 2020.    

Silverstorm Silvia Savage is my mother; she's from across the pond in the UK and comes from a fabulous Supreme Grand Champion bloodline. My father, the TICA Grand Champion, Lynxland Xhiva, is from the Czech Republic.  There were four of us in the litter, my beautiful sister Shuri, and my two brothers, Zeus, and I do not know that other's name. 

Eating Habits:
I'm an obligate carnivore and eat raw meat, bones, and organs. My meals are complete and fully balanced with added vitamins, minerals, and taurine. I consume a variety of proteins such as rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, and turkey.

My humans feed me four times a day and leave out Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried raw cat food to eat between my meals. Believe it or not, it cost more to feed me per week than my human vegetarian dad. My treats consist of Vital Essentials Vital Cat freeze-dried chicken hearts, livers, and gizzards. Occasionally, I have a tiny amount of human food, such as unseasoned beef and fried fish skins.

Daily Activities:
I am a high energy cat and require a great deal of attention and interaction; otherwise, I will cause trouble to get noticed. My pet parents are highly involved in my life.

During the weekdays, my human meowmy plays with me for an hour every morning; When my human dad finishes work, he takes me for an hour's long walk, then we have another long play session at night before I eat dinner.

The weekends are my favorite because we explore different areas and visit out Furriends at our local pet stores. Nevermind all of the exciting car rides as we do errands.

This Site:
YogiTheBengal.com was born to share Yogi's experiences as an adventure cat and our life with him.  Bengal cats rule, but they are not for everyone and require someone with dedication and the time to invest in their development and well-being.

We will review the products we use and will give our unbias opinion to other cat guardians.  Yogi's Tips are things we learned and want to share with other pet parents.  

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